Annual Reports to the Clerk of the Privy Council

These reports summarize our previous years' activities to meet the NMC's vision, mission and objectives. The NMC Secretariat presents this report to our Deputy Minister Champion and then submits to the Clerk of the Privy Council.

Annual NMC Strategic and Operational Plans

These plans include our strategic objectives and our operational plans to meet the NMC's Mandate. The NMC Secretariat presents these plans to our Deputy Minister Champion and Governance committees for approval.

Resources and Materials

More resources can be found on GCconnex (internal to federal government) and are regularly shared through our newsletter and other channels.  Consult our contact page for more information.

 Managing a Virtual and Flexible Team
PPT Presentation by Nathalie Laurin at the Managing Virtual Teams event (Nov. 26, 2020)

 Managers' Exchange 2018
Managers' Exchange event

 2017-2019 PSES - Managers Results
This report gives a voice to managers by analyzing and reporting the Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) results from the perspective of middle management. The report provides a comparison between the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Public Service Employee Surveys

 NMC Mandate Pulse Check Survey, 2018
Results of Survey of Managers – Responses from 4,084 Managers in 67 Departments and Agencies

 NMC Manager Profiles, December, 2017
Profiles of 12 Managers

 Ten Easy Ways to Appreciate and Celebrate Teams
A quick two page infographic showing 10 Easy Ways to Appreciate and Celebrate Teams

 Virtual Team Oaths
This document was created by the National Managers' Community Secretariat to describe the commitments made to each other as members of a Virtual Team.

Tools for Engagement
Leadership tools to create engagement and promote learning in your organizations

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