The National Managers' Community

A Key Horizontal Network that is the Voice of Managers.


The National Managers' Community (NMC) was created in 2000 to support federal government managers as they deliver thousands of government programs and services, oversee human resources management, and report to senior management on value to Canadians.

Supported by regional networks, a deputy minister champion, departmental and regional champions, and 36 shareholder departments and agencies, the NMC serves over 40,000 managers across the country.

A key priority of the NMC is to give these managers opportunities to discuss issues that are important to them. In that way, the NMC is the voice of managers in the Government of Canada.

The following strategic and operational objectives were reviewed and approved by the NMC’s Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Advisory Board and the Chairs/Co-Chairs of the provincial/regional Steering Committees:

  • Voice   Promote the needs and interests of managers to senior leaders, acting as a vehicle for 2-way communication.

  • Collaborate and Connect   Work with key partners to provide avenues for managers to connect with their peers and engage with senior leaders.

  • Outreach and Engagement   Function as a central hub for facilitating dialogue, acting as a knowledge broker, exchanging information and sharing best practices, while growing NMC’s network.

  • Renewal   Increase awareness and the impact of the NMC across Canada and ensure its sustainability and relevance.

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