Terms of Reference

Last Revised: November 2012


  1. National Managers’ Community – National Charter
  2. Vision
  3. Mission Statement
    1. Strategic Priorities
  4. Definition of ‘Manager’
  5. Governance Structure
    1. National
    2. Regional
    3. Governance Diagram
  6. Regional Steering Committee Members
    1. Selection of Members
    2. Voting Procedure
  7. Steering Committee Duties
    1. All Members.
    2. Chair
    3. Vice-Chair
    4. Champion
  8. Responsibilities of Regional Coordinator
  9. Meeting Frequency
  10. Amendments

1. National Managers’ Community – National Charter

The National Managers’ Community (NMC) is a grassroots, horizontal, national network of thousands of federal public service managers spanning all departments and agencies, and all provinces and territories.

The NMC represents, supports, and promotes the needs, interests and aspirations of all federal public service managers in their role of achieving public service objectives.

2. Vision

The NMC is recognized by all as a vibrant, influential and well-connected community that inspires managers and gives them a voice.

3. Mission Statement

Supporting  excellence in public service managers.

a. Strategic Priorities

The NMC has identified three strategic priorities which guide all activities, both regionally and nationally:

  1. Voice and Influence: Managers and senior leaders partner to make positive changes that facilitate serving our government and Canadians;
  2. Engaged Managers: Managers are committed and work to make improvements that contribute to employee engagement and citizen satisfaction; and
  3. Relevant and Sustainable NMC: Managers and senior leaders have the capacity to work as a horizontal collective through the NMC.

4. Definition of ‘Manager’

Managers are federal public servants who have delegated authority over human or financial resources.

The NMC supports and represents all managers as well as public servants who aspire to be managers.

5. Governance Structure

a. National

Nationally, the NMC’s decision-making body is the Governing Council. It comprises representatives from all provinces and territories. The Chair of the Regional Steering Committee also sits as the Alberta representative on the Governing Council. The Governing Council receives advice from a Deputy Minister Champion and an ADM Advisory Board, and is supported by a Secretariat located in Ottawa.

b. Regional

The Regional Steering Committee is the decision-making body of the NMC in Alberta. It comprises manager representatives from federal government departments and agencies located in Alberta. This committee normally consists of twelve (12) members, led by a Chair and Vice-Chair elected from the membership.

In the event that a Federal Department or Agency does not have a member on the Regional Steering Committee, it may appoint a manager representative to act as a Departmental Liaison. Departmental Liaisons are encouraged, but not mandated, to attend meetings of the Regional Steering Committee and are granted voting privileges when in attendance at those meetings.

The steering committee is supported by a full-time Regional Coordinator and a Regional Champion who sits as a member of the Alberta Federal Council.

c. Governance Diagram

Notes on governance diagram:

  1. ADM Advisory Board - Provides direction and advice to the Champion on proposed plans / strategies.
  2. NMC Champion - Provides advice and guidance to NMC Governing Council.
  3. NMC Governing Council - A decision making body made up of members from every province, territory and the NCR. Representatives are chosen by their peers.
  4. NMC Secretariat (Hosted by Treasury Board of Canada) - Facilitates and enables the work of the Regional Coordinators, the Governing Council and the Champion.
  5. Regional Coordinators (Hosted by Federal Regional Council) - Implement the plans and strategies in their respective regions.
  6. Regional Manager Committees - Ensure the effective delivery of the annual strategic plans in the regions.

6. Regional Steering Committee Members

a. Selection of Members

  • Members are federal public service managers, nominated by their home organization.
  • Departments are encouraged to appoint alternate committee members to ensure attendance when the principal member is unavailable.
  • A representative from the Alberta Federal Council Secretariat may participate as a full member of the steering committee.
  • Ex-officio members may attend Regional Steering Committee meetings as non-voting members. Ex-officio members may include representatives of other regional or national networks and communities of practice.

b. Voting Procedure

  • A quorum of six (6) members of the Regional Steering Committee is required for all votes.
  • Each Regional Steering Committee member or departmental liaison, including the Vice-Chair, may vote. The Regional Coordinator does not vote, and the Chair only casts a vote in the case of a tie.
  • Elections are called as required, when the term for either the Chair and/or Vice-Chair has concluded. The Chair and Vice-Chair take office immediately following the election.

7. Steering Committee Duties

a. All Members

  • Attend all meetings of the committee or ensure the attendance of an alternate in their place.
  • Adequately prepare for meetings by reading all advance materials.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the NMC by promoting NMC events within their home organizations.
  • Represent the views of their home organization at the Regional Steering Committee and at consultations or focus groups sponsored by the NMC.
  • Collectively direct the Regional Coordinator to implement the national Strategic Plan and regional activities.
  • Collectively accountable for the expenditure of the NMC regional budget.
  • Review these Terms of Reference at least once every two years, and propose amendments as needed.
  • Select a regional coordinator and prescribe his/her duties, which shall be carried out under the direction of Regional Steering Committee.
  • Make every effort to attend regional and national NMC events.

b. Chair

  • Call Regional Steering Committee meetings and preside as chairperson.
  • Approve meeting agenda.
  • Form regional subcommittees as needed.
  • Represent the NMC at Alberta Federal Council meetings and advocates on behalf of issues of importance to managers in Alberta.
  • Serve as regional representative on the national NMC Governing Council.
  • Elected by majority vote of the Steering Committee and serves for a term of two years, with possibility of a one-year extension.
  • Normally should have served on the Regional Steering Committee in good standing for a minimum of one year, and ideally has served as Vice-Chair.
  • Evaluate the performance of the Regional Coordinator, in conjunction with the Executive Director of the NMC Secretariat.

c. Vice-Chair

  • Elected by majority vote of the Steering Committee and serves for a term of two years, with possibility of a one-year extension.
  • Perform the duties of Chair when the Chair is unable to do so.
  • Assumes the role of Interim Chair in the event that the Chair leaves office prematurely, until the election of a new Chair.

d. Champion

  • Selected by the Alberta Federal Council and sits as a member of the Regional Steering Committee.
  • Provides guidance to the NMC Regional Steering Committee on broader government priorities, and advice to the Regional Coordinator.

8. Responsibilities of Regional Coordinator

  • Serve as secretary to the Regional Steering Committee.
  • Provide support and advice to the Chair and Vice-Chair.
  • Manage the regional budget.
  • Liaise with functional communities, key partners, and develop partnerships.
  • Prepare meeting agenda under the direction of the Chair and with advice from the Champion.
  • Prepare minutes of meetings of the committee and other Secretariat support.
  • Plan, promote, execute, and evaluate learning and networking activities in accordance with the direction of the Regional Steering Committee and in support of the national Strategic Plan.
  • Communicate with Alberta managers the activities of the NMC, and serve as a point-of-contact for NMC inquiries.
  • Attend Alberta Federal Council meetings as alternate if both the Chair and Vice-Chair cannot attend.

9. Meeting Frequency

Meetings will be called by the Chair on an as-needed basis or at a minimum once per quarter.

10. Amendments

The Regional Steering Committee may, by vote, amend these Terms of Reference at any time.