The National Managers' Community (NMC) - Ontario Region is a grassroots community of managers in federal government departments and agencies across the province. We are active in building the managers' community, in taking advantage of opportunities for collective learning and development, and contributing to effective administrative policies and programs.

The activities and priorities of the NMC - ON Region are directed through a Steering Committee which consists of representatives from the regional departments and agencies located in Ontario. These volunteers provide voice and direction for the managers and leaders within their respective departments and agencies, and also provide a communication link between the NMC and the regional managers.

The NMC Ontario Region Steering Committee has 4 objectives:

  1. To make linkages between Government of Canada priorities and the current needs of managers;
  2. To demonstrate accountability to our partners, including Ontario Federal Council (OFC), the NMC Secretariat, and NMC - ON Region members to deliver measurable results;
  3. To foster a culture of learning so managers develop the competencies that public service managers and leaders need; and
  4. 4. To work with others to build an influential, credible and professional organization that is recognized and respected by our members and partners for the important work it does.

In order to strengthen and develop Ontario Federal managers, we will work to

  • Identify issues of concern to managers and improve the flow of information;
  • Maximize the attendance at manager events and ensure representation from all departments/agencies;
  • Influence issues that are of concern to managers;
  • Strengthen partnerships with Ontario Federal Council (OFC), The Future Leaders of Ontario (FLO), and other inter-jurisdictional key committees/groups in Ontario; and
  • Increase the visibility and profile of our events and activities.

All Federal Government Managers in the Ontario Region are welcome to be part of the NMC, and there is no obligation to participate in the NMC or any activities.

Contact Information:

Shannon Thrussel-Haines

Regional Manager
National Managers' Community
Toronto, ON 
Tel: 416-262-4113