The National Managers’ Community – Manitoba Region is a grassroots community of managers in federal departments and agencies. We facilitate community building and learning for managers within the federal public service to achieve organizational priorities, through sharing of best practices, consultation and ongoing dialogue on issues of common concern. The activities and priorities of the National Managers’ Community – Manitoba Region are directed through a Departmental Representative Committee that consists of representatives from the regional departments and agencies located in Manitoba. These volunteers provide voice and direction for the managers and leaders within their respective department or agency, and also provide a communication link between the National Managers’ Community and the regional managers.

The Manitoba Departmental Representative Committee has 4 main objectives:

  1. To make linkages between Government of Canada priorities and the current needs of managers;
  2. To demonstrate accountability to our partners, including Manitoba Federal Council, the National Managers’ Community Governing Council and NMC-Manitoba Region departmental representatives to deliver measurable results.
  3. To foster mutual learning, sharing of information and best practices among managers.
  4. To participate in Manitoba Federal Council sub-committees and collaborate horizontally on key files such as public service renewal, management excellence and emergency management.

Benefits / How to get involved:

In order to strengthen and develop Manitoba federal managers, we work to:

  • Identify issues of concern to managers and coordinate learning events to meet their needs.
  • Strengthen partnerships with the Manitoba Federal Council, the Canada School of Public Service and other key networks and committees in Manitoba.

Managers and aspiring managers in Manitoba are considered Members at Large and are automatically able to participate in all of the NMC activities. There is no obligation to participate in the NMC or any of its activities.

Contact Information:

NMC-Prairie Region Manager:
Michael Van Walleghem

NMC Governing Council Representative: 

Pam Fryers