Canada School of Public Service

The Canada School of Public Service is the common learning provider for the whole of the Canadian Public Service. If you are looking to upgrade your skills or to maximize your work performance, this is your school of choice!

Regional Federal Councils

The Federal Councils and External Relations Division (FCER) facilitates the Treasury Board Secretariat's (TBS) working relationships with key federal, provincial / territorial, and international partners and stakeholders to promote more effective, responsive, and integrated approaches to developing and delivering federal programs and services, managing horizontal initiatives, and communicating federal activities.

Federal Youth Network

The Federal Youth Network (FYN) is the national organization for youth networks across the Public Service of Canada. It began in 2002 and seeks to foster and promote initiative, innovation and a workplace of opportunity consistent with the values and ethics of the Public Service of Canada. FYN ensures young public servants have a voice that is national.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

The Treasury Board, a Cabinet committee of the Queen's Privy Council of Canada, is responsible for accountability and ethics, financial, personnel and administrative management, comptrollership, approving regulations and most Orders-in-Council.