British Columbia

The National Managers’ Community (NMC) British Columbia (BC) Region is a grassroots, horizontal, national network of federal public service managers from all departments and agencies across the province.

The NMC BC Region brings managers together to learn from each other and share best practices and speaks on behalf of managers, bringing issues that matter most to the attention of senior officials.

The activities and priorities of the NMC BC Region are directed through a steering committee which consists of representatives from departments and agencies located in British Columbia. These volunteers provide a communication link between the NMC and the regional managers and provide a voice and direction for the managers and leaders within their respective department and agency.

Managers in British Columbia are automatically part of the NMC BC Region and are encouraged to participate in NMC BC activities.

Contact Information:

Regional Manager - Jean Gallagher
National Managers’ Community – BC Region
Phone: (604) 999-1629 

NMC Governing Council – BC Regional Representative
Julie Balantes, Canada Border Services Agency

NMC – BC Region, Chair, Steering Committee
Andy Corrigall, Citizenship and Immigration