NMC Governance Structure

The Community works closely with other public service networks and organizations, such as the Youth Network, the Human Resources Community, the Canada School of Public Service, the Association of Professional Executives and Central Agencies. Working together, we give managers a strong voice, and inspire them to be effective leaders in the Public Service.

NMC Governance Structure diagram
About the NMC Governance Structure diagram

  1. ADM Advisory Board - Provides direction and advice to the Champion on proposed plans and strategies.
  2. NMC Champion - Provides advice and guidance to NMC Governing Council.
  3. NMC Governing Council - A decision making body made up of members from every province, territory and the National Capital Region. Representatives are chosen by their peers.
  4. NMC Secretariat (Hosted by Treasury Board of Canada) Facilitates and enables the work of Regional Coordinators, the Governing Council and the Champion.
  5. Regional Coordinators (Hosted by Federal Regional Council) Implement the plans and strategies in their respective regions.
  6. Regional Manager Committees - Develop and ensure effective delivery of work plans in the regions .

Governing Council Members

The Governing Council is the NMC's decision-making body. The NMC takes advice from its Champion, the ADM Advisory Board and its key partners. The NMC has a Secretariat located in Ottawa, hosted by the Treasury Board Secretariat, with staff located in the regions. The NMC's regional resources and the Secretariat work together to implement the strategic priorities of the NMC and to support the Regional Managers' Networks.

ADM Advisory Board

The ADM Advisory Board provides advice and guidance to the Managers' Community. They are supported by departmental representatives who contribute to National Capital Area events and co-ordinate activities within their own departments.