National Capital Region

The National Capital Region’s steering committee is comprised of a group of enthusiastic managers who volunteer their time to facilitate networking activities, share experiences and exchange ideas.  We also host numerous learning and development events and networking activities. 

The NCR NMC Steering Committee has four objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of the various departmental networks in the NCR;
  2. To have an active representative from each department or agency in the NCR on the steering committee;
  3. To create and foster a steering committee that helps the members to effectively run their own managers’ network;
  4. Sharing information about learning & development opportunities.

Why should you join the Steering Committee?

  • You’ll meet managers from across the Public Service who are working towards similar goals, and be given the opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies to improve your departmental managers’ network;
  • You’ll receive first-hand information on the activities and initiatives of the National Managers’ Community; and
  • You’ll be working towards building the NMC in the NCR.

How do you join our Network and stay informed?

Contact Information:

Abram Deighton

Regional Manager
National Managers' Community 
Ottawa, ON 
Tel: 613-301-6652