Nova Scotia

Founded in 1998, the Nova Scotia Managers’ Network is a grassroots, horizontal, regional network of federal public service managers spanning all departments and agencies. It became part of the National Managers’ Community in 2000.

The NMC Nova Scotia Governing Council is the regional decision making body for activities and events in Nova Scotia and is comprised of representatives from departments and agencies located in the region. The Nova Scotia Region supports both national and regional activities of the NMC, which can involve all departments, agencies, Canada School of Public Service, and NS Federal Council.

The Nova Scotia Governing Council has four objectives:

  1. Create and maintain a diverse governing council with representation from each department or agency in Nova Scotia;
  2. Increase awareness of departmental networks in Nova Scotia;
  3. Collaborate with existing departmental networks, and foster the growth of new ones through ongoing partnerships; and
  4. Share information about learning and developmental opportunities.

Benefit statements / How to get involved

The benefits of becoming involved with the NMC – Nova Scotia Network are numerous:

  1. You will meet managers from many federal departments through networking and learning opportunities;
  2. You will receive reliable and up-to-date information on the activities and initiatives of the National Managers’ Community;
  3. You will partake in engaging, high quality learning events that are aligned with the National Managers’ Community strategic direction; and
  4. You will learn from one another and share best practices.

Contact Information:

Regional Manager:

Jodi LeBlanc

National Managers’ Community
Tel: (902) 566-8374